What is a build to order server?

A build to order server means that we build the server once a confirmed order is placed and passes fraud checks. Certain dedicated servers are build to order for several reasons.

First and foremost, we don't purchase pallets of servers. If we did this, we would have to increase our prices to cover the costs of hardware that isn't being used.
Second, not everyone needs the exact same configuration. For example, each dedicated server we offer has over 76,000 possible hardware configurations! Build to order saves us time and money.
Third, it allows us to offer the latest and greatest hardware options for our customers. While other hosting providers are recycling the same configurations, we stand out by being able to offer something they do not, or will not offer for a long time.

Sometimes we may have an available configuration already in stock. Please check with our sales team. In stock servers are provisioned within 48 hours.

How build to order works

  1. You place an order for a dedicated server and we confirm the order, including fraud checks.
  2. We order your configuration from our hardware vendor.
  3. Our hardware vendor performs 48 hour burn-in test and ships to our data center.
  4. Data Center Operations team racks your server and performs software configuration.
  5. Your server is handed over to you.

It can take about a week to provision a build to order server. 


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