My order was marked as fraud. What can I do?

NodeSpace uses a number of systems to ensure an order is legitimate in order to cut down on malicious users and protect our service. If by any chance your order does get marked as fraud (and thus cancelled), the reason for this could be one of the below:

- You ordered via a Proxy. We do not allow orders via proxies.
- You ordered from a country that is different from the one on your profile/account.
- You've used fake information (i.e. fake billing address)

You can either re-order without a proxy, correct information, etc. or open a support ticket with the Billing Department who will be able to assist you. We do make exceptions on certain orders that are flagged as fraud.

If your order is marked as fraud, any services that instantly provision such as VPS, cloud, domains, software licenses, etc. will not be available until you are able to clear your order.


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