Welcome to NodeSpace.net!

  •   07/04/2020 7:46 PM

Welcome to NodeSpace.net!

First, I'd like to officially welcome you to NodeSpace.net! No, it's not a name change, owner change, or even a service change. After many years, we've finally been able to acquire the domain "nodespace.net". In business, branding is important and this is the one element of our brand that we desperately needed. Previously, we've been home to nodespace.us (this didn't work because we welcome customers globally), gonodespace.com (this was a disaster because it didn't flow off the tongue when we told people verbally about our services), and lately, we've been using nodespacehosting.com which is great, but it's long. After a long decade (actually, just a little under) of trying to obtain nodespace.net, we finally did it - July 4, 2020! This day is important. Not only is it the day of American independence, but for NodeSpace as well: independence from some domains we just didn't like.

Email changes

As part of this update, we're working on retiring gonodespace.com from use. You're going to notice emails coming from "support@nodespace.net" and "billing@nodespace.net". These emails may end up in your spam folder! Please help us out by marking these emails as "not spam". This will help email services recognize us as a legitimate email sender. While you can still email "support@gonodespace.com" if you need help, please keep in mind that this email is now deprecated and as such, we may not receive your support request. Please be sure to start emailing support@nodespace.net for the fastest support!

Keep in mind that some corporate firewalls do not like "new" domains and will automatically send emails to spam.

Website changes

While not a lot is changing, we do have a few changes. 

Customer Portal - aka My NodeSpace

Your account can now be managed at https://my.nodespace.net  (see, doesn't that look better than https://my.gonodespace.com?)

Support Portal

Our support portal is now at https://support.nodespace.net. Although, you can always get support directly from My NodeSpace.

Main Website

Our main website will continue to be accessible at https://www.gonodespace.com and https://www.nodespacehosting.com. Both these domains will redirect to https://www.nodespace.net.

NodeSpace Status

Currently, this is the one site that will remain at https://status.nodespacehosting.com for awhile. We'll let you know when this changes over.


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